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Community Garden Allmende-Kontor

Projects on the Tempelhofer Feld

Since April 2011, more than 500 gardeners have been voluntarily running an intercultural community garden called Allmende-Kontor on 5,000 square metres of the former Tempelhof airfield.

The garden is appreciated for its creativity by young and old, locals and migrants of all countries. We enable people and especially children to relax, picnic and play among blossoming beans and fragrant flowers. In this way, we contribute to an informal intercultural coexistence. Every day, environmental groups, researchers, TV teams or universities visit the garden, which is always open to everyone. Currently, subgroups such as a bee group, a compost group and a dyeing bed group enrich the project.

Intercultural gardens pose and answer central questions of urban society: about social, cultural and biological diversity, participatory urban design, urban ecology, supply and consumption, education, exercise, nutrition and health, solidarity, integration and civic engagement. In Berlin, between 60 and 100 of these new neighbourhood gardens and other farmer's gardens have been created within 10 years since 2004, as the Berlin Garden Map shows, which was also created within the framework of the Allmende-Kontor. These shared - as Berliners like to say - "tilled" vegetable gardens are used like new commons. Allmenden in the sense of areas that belong to everyone and are taken care of by a certain group. These new community gardens show how necessary access to nature and active gardening is for the city dwellers of the new millennium.

The Allmende-Kontor was created as an allmende that represents the diversity of urban gardening, even though the aim here is sustainable gardening without input of poison and money. The garden Allmende-Kontor on Tempelhofer Feld thus became a contact and networking point for interested people from all over the world. With its workshops on plant colouring, composting, biological mice control and the like, followed by picnics, the Allmende-Kontor became a place of learning and living for everyone. It has also inspired countless publications, research papers, blogs, documentaries and filmmakers as well as photographers.

The community garden Allmende-Kontor enables people without a garden of their own, especially from the "poor" district of Neukölln and neighbouring districts, to garden interculturally, to be out in the fresh air and to learn with all their senses. To feel how good nature is, how exciting it is to garden, how peaceful it is to dig in the soil. The project wants to inspire similar gardens elsewhere in the field, in Berlin and everywhere.

project organiser

Community Garden Allmende-Kontor e. V.
Contact: garten(at)

presence times

Activities depend on the weather, the aim is to be present two weekends a month.
The garden community meets every first Saturday of the month in the afternoon. Interested people are welcome to join. The garden is self-organising and self-financing. All current dates are on the website.

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