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KulturGate Tempelhof e.V.

Projects on the Tempelhofer Feld

Around the container of KulturGate e.V. we offer all visitors a platform for active leisure, cultural and artistic activities. Depending on the weather, people meet at the container to communicate with each other, share common interests and also take advantage of individual offers from us or create things together.

KULTURGate on Tempelhofer Feld -has developed into a lively place - an open space in the city, cross-generational and open to all interested parties. Movement of a sporting nature and encounters, random or planned, are open across languages and cultures in the form of sport, dance, art education, skills training or simply coming together, exchanging ideas. Enjoying the space, caring for it together and keeping it clean together is important to us. Against the background of social upheaval, life in Berlin has changed. We want to contribute to a cultural exchange and create a liveable and lovable togetherness. We look forward to seeing you!

A small podium a, container invites to singing events, dance groups or even performance artists have repeatedly taken advantage of our opportunity to use a place of space, contemplation and also shared responsibility, in the middle of the metropolis of Berlin. Soon, "a dance floor for Tempelhofer Feld" will be created in cooperation with dance enthusiasts. A wide range of equipment, sports articles, seating and tables can be used for this purpose. We are looking forward to hearing from interested people and helping out.

Groups of children and young people are taught how to ride a longboard, for example, with professional guidance.  The former airport is perfect for this. We also have an outdoor sports group that meets at weekends. Sports equipment such as indoor boards, battleropes, yoga mats and gymnastic bands and more are happily used here.

The non-profit association KulturGate Tempelhof has been active on Tempelhofer Feld since 2012 with a few volunteers. With many temporary cultural workers, wonderful projects have been created and have brought a lot of joy to the visitors. The concept described here has become an enrichment of the Tempelhofer Flugfeld, especially in these times of the Corona Pandemic. Participants of all ages and nationalities are always happy to visit us, and especially at weekends the space around the container enjoys a large number of visitors. We have regular visitors here and even whole families take advantage of the open-air activities.

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KulturGate Tempelhof e. V
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