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M.I.N.T. Green Classroom

Projects on the Tempelhofer Feld

The M.I.N.T Green Classroom is a project of the Peter Petersen Primary School and serves as an additional room to hold lessons especially in the natural sciences close to life.

Thanks to the bauhaus-re-use pavilion, which was built by the school itself, it can be used almost all year round and offers a variety of opportunities to teach school contents in a practical way. The city children can consciously experience the seasons in this place and approach natural science topics in numerous projects.

For example, the children plant the self-made raised beds every year in spring, tend and water them throughout the summer, and harvest and eat the produce together. Extensive weather observations are carried out and documented with the help of various measuring instruments. Texts inspired by the environment are created in German lessons, and drawings, paintings and collages in art lessons. The children approach mathematical content on the topic of "sizes and measurements" vividly and through their own actions on site. The open space of the Tempelhofer Feld offers a unique opportunity to thematise long distances and to experience natural spaces in a realistic way. An insect hotel and wooden playground equipment were made by the pupils.

A stone's throw away from the metropolitan environment, the large meadow area also offers an ideal place for free play, running and romping and thus has a high value within health promotion and prevention work.

project organiser

Association of Parents, Friends and Supporters of the Peter Petersen Primary School e. V.
Contact: info(at)

project participants and cooperation partners

The Peter-Petersen Primary School (PPS) Berlin is located in the North Neukölln "Körnerkiez". The PPS is a Jenaplan and UNESCO project school. The M.I.N.T. green classroom involves pupils, teachers from the school, educators from the all-day school Familie e.V., the PPS support association, parents and friends.

The cooperation partner is Globale e.V. with the neighbouring "Lernort Natur".

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