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nuture Mini ART Golf

Projects on the Tempelhofer Feld

Miniature golf course combining art with nature, science and technology on Tempelhofer Feld.


"nuture ART" aims to promote a connection of art with nature, science and technology in a unique and playful way. This will be realized on an area of 1600 square meters. 18 interactive artworks will be created by international artists. They light up, move, make sounds, act and react. In terms of form and function, the installation is reminiscent of a classic mini-golf course and is played by visitors in the same way, but they address the crucial issues of the future:

Energy - Resources - Climate - Sustainability.

The courses change and move, they light up and react to the players' actions. A discourse on ecological questions of the future is conducted at this unique historical location.

The goal is the artistic confrontation of the audience with the ecological questions of the future. Furthermore, people who are actually only interested in one of the topics of nature, art/culture, science, technology or sport will be encouraged to engage with the other areas as well.

Project organiser

nuture ART GbR
Contact: info(at)

Presence times

until end of season (expected end of October) 
Tuesday - Friday 13 o'clock - sunset
Saturday / Sunday 12 o'clock - sunset
Monday closed

project area Columbiadamm