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Steckdose Berlin - Electromobility

Projects on the Tempelhofer Feld

Exploring Tempelhofer Feld with a new, innovative means of transportation.

Steckdose Berlin offers visitors to Tempelhofer Feld the opportunity to explore the extensive area with a new, innovative means of transportation. Usually, a moped driver's license is required for the Segway. On the grounds of Tempelhofer Feld, Segways may be driven from the age of ten.

It is not a scooter. It is not a hovercraft. It is definitely not a prop from the Star Trek® set. It is compact and powerful. Battery-powered, so it can be easily recharged at any outlet. It is environmentally friendly and quiet. It is the breakthrough in passenger transportation. Its name: SEGWAY® Personal Transporter.

The ingenious thing about it: It moves just by shifting your body weight. Effortlessly. Flowing. You lean forward - the SEGWAY moves forward. You lean back - the SEGWAY moves backwards. You bring your weight to the center - the SEGWAY stands.

The handlebar is brought close to the body and thus the SEGWAY follows the natural inclination of the body. You simply lean in the direction you want to go. You lean to the right, the SEGWAY goes to the right. You lean to the left, the SEGWAY goes to the left. It feels like you have wheels under your feet. It feels like you're floating.

The Segway tours last 2h each including training and are priced at 49€ p.p. Many other innovative e-vehicles for children and adults can be rented and tested for as little as 5€.

project organiser

Outlet Kreuzberg UG & Co. KG

We, a small and friendly team of enthusiastic SEGWAY drivers will teach you with ease & competence a new way of getting around. Floating on two wheels you explore the Tempelhofer Feld.

Contact:info(at); Info hotline: 0152 07 02 88 38

presence hours

Saturday & Sunday from 11 am - 7 pm, Monday - Friday with appointment

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