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Tempelhof District Garden

Projects on the Tempelhofer Feld

In the Tempelhof district garden, everyone can be there and participate. As a contribution to an inclusive neighborhood, solutions for individual needs are found together and opportunities for participation in education, employment and community are developed and tried out.


Living in the city center and planting, caring for, harvesting and consuming fruit and vegetables. As an integrating part of a lively neighborhood, the district garden Tempelhof offers free of charge, low-threshold, activating offers with quality of stay, puts special focus on the inclusion of people with disabilities and/or migration history and contributes as a potential development community to the improvement of urban quality of life.

Together, possibilities for using the garden area are developed and implemented that meet the needs of the protected fauna and flora and recreational use in equal measure, align management with the requirements of species, nature and environmental protection, maintain the landscape and improve biodiversity and species diversity. Developed approaches are made visible on site.

The participatory project "City District Garden" is implemented by civil society as a year-round, extracurricular place of learning, combines horticultural production with social work and conveys the contents of education for sustainable development with the help of action pedagogy.

Fields of action include growing, cultivating, harvesting and processing healthy food, seed cultivation, regenerative material cycles and water management. The topics of nature, climate and species protection and the care of protected landscapes on the Tempelhofer Feld come from the participants' lifeworld. Through neighborhood involvement and cooperation, "City as School" functions. Interdisciplinary, interdepartmental networking enables a change of perspective and the development and testing of alternative living and working conditions.

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Tempelhofer Berg e.V.



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