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Teubert - pedal scooters and bicycles

Projects on the Tempelhofer Feld

On the Tempelhofer Feld, the MobilcenterBerlin operates a pedalmobile, pedal go-kart and bicycle rental service.


The 45m wide runways offer a free ride at any time. Up to six people can do their rounds together on the funmobiles. With its 45m wide runways, the former airport promises free rides at all times. More than 30 pedal cars/go-karts with more than 70 seats for people from 5- 99 years are available for the visitors, in addition there are some kettcars for children from 3 years. In addition, up to 50 people can rent bicycles at the same time. We also have several tandems for that special experience for two.


Bicycles cost from 4 euros per hour or 9 euros for the whole day depending on the model. Those who want to learn to ride a tricycle will also get their money's worth. The highlight of the rental are the up to six-seater pedal mobiles, on which four people can pedal independently of each other, a special kind of community experience, unique in Berlin! Prices vary depending on the model and can be found on our homepage below.

rental requirements

Only adult persons are entitled to rent. You need an ID and 50 Euro deposit. For groups the deposit is about 200 Euro, depending on the number of vehicles.

project organiser

Mobilcenter Berlin
Contact: mgteubert(at)

Reservations are possible under 0176 377 82 726
Contact person: Marko Teubert

presence hours

Our core opening hours are:
Mon-Fri 14- 18:00
Sat 12- 18:00
Sun 11- 19:00

The opening hours depend on the weather. You can find the daily opening hours and all other relevant information on our website under the tab "Rental Tempelhof".

project area tempelhofer damm